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About Merrill

Merrill helps global companies secure success.

Partner with Merrill’s team of experienced professionals to successfully navigate the secure sharing of your most sensitive content, perfect and distribute critical financial and regulatory disclosures, and create customized and compliant communications. With nearly 50 years of deep domain expertise, exceptional service and innovative technology, Merrill unlocks productivity and provides the solutions so you can secure the business of moving ahead.

Leadership Committed to a Distinct Vision

Merrill Corporation provides secure, innovative solutions to complex content and communications requirements. With our deep domain expertise, exceptional service and innovative technology, we are a trusted partner in ensuring our clients’ success at every stage in the life cycle of regulated business communications.

Merrill has four essential assets that we bring to every project and partnership.

Merrill brings proven expertise to the most complex content and communication requirements so you can achieve operational efficiencies and maximize your ROI. With the ability to provide support in 14 languages, our industry-leading experts are here to help you securely manage your most important data, any time of day, around the globe. It’s our business to stay on top of ever-changing regulations and industry trends so you focus on making your business thrive.

Unlock productivity and secure ongoing impact and growth with Merrill's innovative, scalable and secure technologies. Our SaaS applications—Merrill Bridge, Merrill Connect and Merrill DataSite—have an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. Merrill’s pioneering approach infuses everything we do, including our investment in technological innovation, intellectual property and tailored proprietary technologies. We can scale and customize our solutions to meet the growing needs of your global business.

Safeguard your data with Merrill's ISO/IEC 27001-certified secure content platforms. Merrill meets the strictest industry standards for regulatory compliance—we support two-factor authentication, documents are up to 256-bit SSL encrypted with customized watermarks that are tamper-proof, and role-based security is applied down to the document level. Merrill ensures complete security, accuracy and seamless connection around the clock and around the global business world.

Solve highly complex disclosure and communications issues any time, anywhere with specialized project management and help desk support teams on call 24/7/365, worldwide. You’ll get expert support and customized training throughout the life cycle of your project. Merrill will work closely with your team to fine tune your business processes, implement proven methodologies along with forward-thinking technology and generate sustainable success.

Industry Leadership Starts Here

Your next business breakthrough begins with forward-thinking solutions driven by Merrill's talented team of officers and executives.

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A Globally Connected Company

With more than 3,000 people in over 34 locations, Merrill securely connects and manages the full lifecycle of complex, regulated information for the world’s leading companies.

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