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M&A, Reorganizations & Exchange Offers

Execute successful M&A due diligence with our global, end-to-end suite of services.

We’ve provided due diligence services for over a billion pages of confidential documents in 35,000-plus M&A deals. First, ensure secure sharing and collaboration with our virtual data room (VDR), Merrill DatasiteOne. Then look to Merrill Bridge for disclosure software and reporting tools for the ultimate in precision and accuracy. Whatever your critical transaction needs, Merrill is here to help with the latest technology, hands-on service and 50 years of expertise.


M&A Deal Forecaster - November 2017

The November issue of M&A Deal Forecaster is here! Merrill Corporation's M&A Deal Forecaster shares unique M&A insights based on Merrill's majority share of financial due diligence projects.

Get deals done smarter and faster with Merrill DatasiteOne disclosure software and due diligence services.

Quick results

Your customized VDR will be up and running in less than two hours—no matter the size or complexity of your deal. Multiple bidders can access files simultaneously worldwide, any time.

Ease of use

An intuitive web-based application, Merrill DatasiteOne is easy to use, and it offers 24/7/365 customer service, available whenever you need assistance with your deal.

Best-in-class support

Our dedicated team of experts is on-call around the clock. Leverage our almost 50 years of experience in facilitating M&A due diligence securely and accurately.

Robust search

Indexing and search at macro and micro levels enable you to locate key information down to the page level. OCR with scanned documents mean no wasted time searching across everything.

Valuable insights

Sophisticated tracking and reporting records all bidder activity including exact pages viewed, providing insights crucial to negotiations and moving the deal forward.

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Turn to Canada’s authority on SEDAR filings for seamless, accurate and on-time compliance.

Unmatched expertise

As an original adopter of the Canadian Depository for Securities electronic filing system, Merrill has a proven track record of timely, accurate SEDAR filings.

Streamlined process

Merrill disclosure software converts, formats and proofs your documents for SEDAR filing—then tests and validates your filing for optimal results.

Airtight security

With Merrill’s ISO/IEC 27001 certification, your sensitive data is always secure.

24/7/365 support

Merrill's in-house filing specialists are available around the clock to help you meet SEDAR requirements and filing deadlines.

Learn more about SEDAR filing

Trust Merrill to ensure fast and compliant EDGARization of your documents, no matter the size of your project.

Deep expertise

As an original adopter and tester of EDGAR, Merrill has a dedicated EDGAR filing department that will quickly convert documents in any format into EDGAR HTML, error-free.

Flexible solution

Our end-to-end M&A due diligence solution allows you to fully outsource your EDGAR needs. Or you can manage certain EDGAR activities in-house with Merrill Bridge while engaging Merrill for the rest.

Proprietary technology

Single-source content management ensures data integrity and ensures that any EDGAR issues are discovered and eliminated prior to SEC filing.

Global network

Our extensive global network ensures fast, accurate turnaround and secure transmission of validated filings directly to the SEC EDGAR filing system.

Learn more about XBRL & EDGAR filing

Look to Merrill to provide global support and guidance through the M&A due diligence and regulatory disclosure process.

Automated filing system

Merrill disclosure software enables filers to automatically generate EDGAR, XBRL and other corporate disclosures as required by global regulatory agencies.

Documents perfected

Securely draft, collaborate and distribute regulatory disclosure content on the industry’s only secure, end-to-end disclosure management solution, Merrill Bridge.

Quality control

Ensure compliance with Merrill’s extensive typesetting and regulatory experience when filing with the US SEC, LSE (London Stock Exchange) and HKEx (Hong Kong Stock Exchange).

Worldwide network

Our established global infrastructure and operating platform enable printing financial documents in all major markets in the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Merrill Technologies

Harness the power of proven Merrill technology to support your due diligence and disclosure needs.

  • Carry out your transaction quickly and cost effectively with our secure virtual data room. Provide fast, any-time access to critical documents for both buyers and sellers worldwide. And track the pages they’ve viewed or downloaded to demonstrate that proper disclosure was made on all levels.

  • Gain complete control over your financial disclosure and SEC reporting with our end-to-end, secure, SaaS platform. Built on the Microsoft® Office® suite, Merrill Bridge allows you to easily and swiftly deliver regulatory disclosures, error-free.

    • Linked data ensures edits made in one place are updated through all of your documents
    • Multi-user collaboration tools let your entire workgroup edit, comment, track changes and perfect content
    • Industry-leading XBRL CPA and EDGAR filing experts
    • Rigorous security with Merrill's ISO/IEC 27001 certification


Merrill DataSite has become a fundamental tool for handling complex transactions, which require the control of large volumes of information, flexibility and efficient customer support. Simply put, Merrill means trust.”

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