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Due Diligence

Optimize and streamline due diligence with secure, award-winning technology Merrill DatasiteOne.

Merrill DatasiteOne improves your due diligence process through the seamless and secure sharing of confidential documents worldwide. Our experienced project management team will have you up and running in a matter of hours, ready to enjoy benefits like simultaneous access, full-text search capabilities, and robust tracking and reporting tools—all with ironclad security.

Expedite your M&A due diligence and easily expand scope while protecting confidential information.

When conducting M&A due diligence, you need to safeguard the privacy of your documents while keeping buyers anonymous and segregated. With the Merrill DatasiteOne virtual data room (VDR) solution, you don’t have to sacrifice security for speed and scalability. Instead, minimize legal exposure and costs while capitalizing on opportunities by providing potential buyers instant, secure access to critical data, any time, anywhere in the world.

Merrill can help you with due diligence for:
  • Corporate & Company Actions
    • Acquisition
    • Bankruptcy
    • Divestiture
    • Exchange Offer
    • Merger
    • Privatization
    • Reorganization
    • Spin-Off
    • Tender Offer

First Step for M&A to Avoid a “Bad Deal”: Pre-Deal Prep

Pre-deal documentation can make or break a merger or acquisition before the ink is dry, as explained in The Art of Due Diligence, Part 1.

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Close your capital transaction faster using the virtual data room (VDR) solution that accelerates due diligence.

Expedite your due diligence process and reduce risk with Merrill DataSite. Our project management team will quickly get your capital transaction documents scanned, uploaded and indexed in your VDR, so deal teams can get started on due diligence without delay. Key stakeholders can use full-text search tools to locate relevant content. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to collect valuable insight on specific pages viewed—and use it toward notifying team members of documents that still require review, as well as verifying which items were properly disclosed and at exactly what time.

Merrill can help you with due diligence in the following areas:

Learn more about Merrill’s services for capital transactions

Choose Merrill DatasiteOne to increase the value of an asset in a sale, IPO or other transaction.


Merrill DatasiteOne expedites your due diligence process by ensuring required documents are disclosed while eliminating potential issues that could impact or kill the deal.

Streamline due diligence by securing critical information in a DatasiteOne VDR. Grant simultaneous access to unlimited users, tracking their activity for valuable insight and proof of disclosure, and use Q&A tools to support communications between buyers and sellers.

The service is great. The site is easy to use. Support staff is responsive, courteous and most importantly able to resolve a user or technical issue promptly. [DataSite] makes due diligence work as seamless as it can be.”

Lee Technologies(R)

Executive VP & CFO

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