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SEDAR Filing

Turn to Canada’s authority on SEDAR filings for seamless, accurate and on-time compliance.

Consistently meet ever-changing SEDAR requirements with help from Merrill, an original adopter and tester of SEDAR. Our long-standing partnership with the Canadian Depository for Securities (CDS) ensures that our experienced SEDAR filing department stays informed of changes, guiding you through the terrain of new regulations and thereby achieving fast and hassle-free filing.

From formatting to submission, look to Merrill to guide you through the complex SEDAR filing process.

Submit accurate SEDAR filings following your merger, acquisition or related transaction. As one of the most experienced SEDAR filing agents in North America, Merrill has fostered a close relationship with the CDS and can help you understand its complex filing requirements. Rely on Merrill’s experts to detect potential filing problems and transmit validated filings directly to the various securities commissions through the SEDAR filing and dissemination system.

Merrill can help you with SEDAR filing for:
  • Corporate & Company Actions
    • Acquisition
    • Bankruptcy
    • Divestiture
    • Exchange Offer
    • Merger
    • Privatization
    • Reorganization
    • Spin-Off
    • Tender Offer

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Navigate the SEDAR disclosure process with confidence by partnering with the experts at Merrill.

SEDAR requirements are constantly changing, making it challenging to keep up. Merrill’s unmatched expertise, partnership with the CDS and industry-leading tools help you anticipate and meet any new disclosure requirements following your IPO or other equity offering, then facilitates your SEDAR filing accurately and on time. For all of your time-sensitive disclosure events, Merrill provides 24/7 support to handle any last-minute needs.

Merrill can help you with SEDAR filing for:

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Count on accurate, compliant SEDAR disclosure for fast, successful filing.

Eliminate the complexity and time it takes to manage SEDAR filings by engaging Merrill’s experts. You’ll consistently meet all your SEDAR requirements efficiently and on time, despite the CDS requiring even greater corporate disclosure. Choose exactly how much support you need, whether it’s everything from converting, formatting and proof distribution to filing and managing documentation, or simply reviewing SEDAR filings you prepare in house.

Merrill can help you with SEDAR filing for:

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