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XBRL Filing

Successfully navigate the XBRL process with the highest levels of quality and accuracy.

Reduce the complexity of XBRL tagging, document creation and validation with Merrill’s industry-leading expertise. We have the largest team of CPA-level XBRL accountants in the industry and have helped hundreds of public companies complete fully compliant SEC filings. With nearly 50 years of experience, Merrill was one of the first companies to actively engage with the XBRL filing program.

Achieve first-submission SEC EDGAR filing acceptance.

Accurately prepare and file your tender offer, merger proxy statement or other disclosure document leveraging Merrill’s in-depth expertise. Generating more than 35,000 EDGAR filings annually, our experts handle every phase of the SEC filing process from converting your documents into EDGAR HTML to transmitting validated filings directly to the SEC. Alternatively, leverage Merrill Bridge, our SaaS platform with multi-collaboration tools, which can support you from drafting to filing to finish.

Merrill can help you with EDGAR filing for:
  • Corporate & Company Actions
    • Acquisition
    • Bankruptcy
    • Divestiture
    • Exchange Offer
    • Merger
    • Privatization
    • Reorganization
    • Spin-Off
    • Tender Offer

Learn more about Merrill’s services for M&A, reorganizations & exchange offers

Provide the most accurate financial story to the market with error-free XBRL reporting.

Stay on top of capital-raise disclosure requirements by engaging Merrill’s team of accountants, who understand US GAAP and the intricacies of taxonomy. Our experts will ensure your XBRL instance documents exactly translate the corresponding EDGAR filing. Whether you fully outsource or insource your XBRL reporting, Merrill has the XBRL software to support secure, multi-user collaboration as well as the industry-leading expertise to manage and control your regulatory filing right up to the SEC filing deadline.

Merrill can help you with XBRL and/or EDGAR filing for:

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Arm yourself with the tools and knowledge you need to meet SEC filing deadlines with fully compliant XBRL submissions.

From 10-Q and 10-K filings to shareholder reports and prospectus production—and every regulatory disclosure filing requirement in between—Merrill’s industry-leading XBRL experts team will ensure your XBRL filings are error-free and up to date with the latest SEC compliance requirements. Efficiently review your XBRL tags with our end-to-end financial disclosure solution Merrill Bridge, and unlock productivity for you and your team when it comes to XBRL reporting.


Merrill can help you with XBRL and EDGAR filing for:

Learn more about Merrill’s services for regulatory disclosure
Manage every phase of the SEC filing process with accuracy and efficiency

Gain complete control over your financial disclosure and SEC compliance reporting.

  • Use Merrill’s end-to-end, secure SaaS platform for accurate and timely SEC filings. Built on the Microsoft® Office® product suite, editing and managing your documents is intuitive and seamless, with instantaneous EDGAR and XBRL updates as you make content changes.

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  • Merrill Connect Dynamic Publishing gives you control over your SEC compliance documents allowing you to import data and re-use content while providing audit trails to enhance accountability. Eliminate EDGAR and XBRL charges and ensure the most up-to-date SEC disclosure by generating reports in real time.

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