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Financial Services Marketing & Communications

Drive engagement and streamline targeted communications with one easy, regulatory-compliant solution.

Make cross-channel collaboration a reality. Improve outcomes by connecting targeted messages with each customer to drive client engagement. Realize complete accuracy and financial compliance transparency. Better engage with your audience and grow your business with Merrill Connect—our automated, integrated solution that’s process-driven, measureable and backed by nearly 50 years of industry experience.

End-to-End Solutions

Think Beyond. Redefine your marketing operations to propel your business forward.

Rely on Merrill forward-thinking technology to efficiently create and manage differentiated, personalized experiences for all your stakeholders–wholesalers, advisors and investors.

Maximum efficiency

With Merrill's integrated platform, you can instantly customize, order and distribute marketing and communications content in electronic and print formats.

Deeper client engagement

Communicate with clients wherever they are, with targeted, relevant and interactive financial compliance solutions.

Easy updates

Our automated platform stores regulatory-compliant content and templates, which can be reused, making it easy to distribute materials that are updated on a regular basis.

Better tracking

Advanced tracking and measurement tools, integrated with your CRM, provide insights on who is accessing materials and how that translates into business results.

Culturally sensitive communication

Success depends on partnering with translation and localization experts to help you communicate in many languages.

We can help you with:
  • Product material
  • Fact sheets
  • Enrollment kits
  • Proposals
  • Presentations/pitchbooks
  • Client and plan reviews

Create strategic communications that build your client base—and your reputation for results.


Break through the clutter in your clients’ inboxes with data-driven, targeted, one-to-one messages, product, sales and other communications—without compromising regulatory compliance control.

Data integration

Centralize all of your marketing assets—and use data gleaned from your CRM or other systems—to align your marketing and sales teams as well as optimize communications.

Dynamic content

Drive engagement and reinforce key messages with attention-grabbing interactive content, including video, audio and other multimedia that capture advisors’ attention.

Seamless experience

Consolidate fragmented systems on Merrill's integrated marketing platform, and create and distribute a seamless customer experience across multiple channels.

Increase market reach

Be prepared to communicate with a diverse multilingual audience. Secure success by partnering with a translation provider who understands the regulatory compliance and language needs of the industry.

We can help you with:
  • Client mailings
  • Notices
  • Account communications
  • Welcome kits
  • Disclosures
Learn more about customer communication

Unlock sales productivity by supporting reps with content, tools and analytics to have more successful sales conversations.

Consistent messaging

Get your sales team and distribution channels on the same page with content and compliance solutions that are always up to date—all in one centralized hub.

On-the-go, mobile access

Keep the information your team needs to seal the deal right at their fingertips, accessible at any time on any mobile device.

Easy customization

Add a personal touch to sales materials with contact information, client logos, photos and brand identity, using Merrill's simple customization and branding tools.

Stay in front of Advisors

Marketing templates and outreach tools make it easy to convert prospects and stay in touch with customers—with one-time or ongoing regulatory-compliance communications.

Target your audience

Eliminate mass messages that get lost in the clutter by segmenting clients and prospects by channel, product or interest and deliver relevant content.

We can help you with:
  • Stay in touch emails
  • Proposals
  • Personalized and branded communications
  • Client and plan reviews
  • Newsletters
  • Market outlooks
  • Event promotion

Merrill Technology

Merrill Connect

Deliver effective, efficient, personalized sales and marketing solutions while meeting financial compliance regulations.

Merrill Connect brings end-to-end communication solutions backed by forward-thinking technology. Extend your reach. Accelerate your time to market. Collaborate across channels. Connect the dots faster—from printing to leading-edge digital solutions.

  • Engage with customers—more deeply, efficiently and personally.
  • Improve processes and response with speed, security and precision.
  • Power your sales group with real-time access to content on any device.
  • Protect client data with our multi-layer security architecture and disaster recovery.
  • Meet federal regulations with our corporate compliance solutions

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