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Create personalized, regulatory-compliant health insurance communications with our fully-integrated solution: Merrill Connect.

Merrill has been successfully navigating complex regulated industries for 50 years. With Merrill Connect, our health insurance communications software, you can create, manage and distribute accurate, ACA- and 508-compliant healthcare communications, including ANOCs, and EOCs.

Save Time and Money with Merrill

This calculator simulates the potential savings you could realize by utilizing Merrill Connect ® Dynamic Publishing for your ANOC/EOC's.

Merrill Connect Dynamic Publishing has been optimized for plans that manage more than 4 EOCs annually.

I manage EOC versions today.

Merrill can reduce your costs by up to 33% annually with the most powerful ANOC/EOC Publishing Tool on the market. Talk to one of our experts today.

Current Process
Merrill Connect
Dynamic Publishing
Annual Savings
Cost Analysis
Manpower Analysis

Images above are for illustrative purposes only, each manpower Illustration represents 1000 hours.

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Unlock Productivity

From creation to distribution of your complex mandated member communication, Merrill is redefining productivity so you can secure the business of moving ahead.

Boost enrollment and renewals with our health insurance communications software, insurers’ go-to solution for accurate, regulatory-compliant communications.

Maximum efficiency

Centrally manage data from disparate sources for fast and simple content reuse and distribution across your marketing ecosystem’s channels and markets.

Absolute accuracy

Deliver on time with absolute precision and accuracy by leveraging Merrill’s data management expertise, integrated technology and world-class digital and print distribution systems.

Increased engagement

Reach members any time, anywhere with personalized interactive communications—including video, social integration and direct links—and built-in analytics and reporting.

We can help you with:

Easily create timely and engaging customer communications to build brand loyalty.

Member engagement

Mobilize members to take control and make proactive health decisions with personalized health and wellness materials and engaging incentive programs.

Regulatory Compliance

Compose, manage, produce and distribute your communications in accordance with established regulatory SLA timelines and mandates using the HIPAA/PHI-compliance solutions in Merrill Connect.

Operational efficiencies

Streamline communications with automated programs, from data compilation through distribution, that adapt and adhere to ever-changing ACA compliance and 508 compliance regulations.

Robust reporting

Track effectiveness, regulatory compliance and costs for member communications from production through delivery with Merrill's award-winning chain of custody workflow and 2D barcode scans.

We can help you with:
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Member surveys (COB, satisfaction, disenrollment)
  • Condition care kits
  • Newsletters
  • Disease brochures
  • Personal health assessments
  • Disease management campaigns
  • Section 508 compliance 

Equip brokers with the insurance marketing tools they need to stand out from the competition and help members make smart plan choices.

CRM integration

Capture, track and follow up on prospect and member activity with relevant and engaging plan content—integrating with your CRM.

Mobile access

Brokers gain instant access to insurance marketing materials on any mobile device, so they can get members' attention on any device, on the fly.

Smarter targeting

Make sure members and prospects get timely, targeted information they need to understand their options using Merrill's automated personalization tools.

Interactive tools

Effectively communicate with members with compelling interactive communications that include video, email marketing, document and data sharing features.

We can help you with:
  • Event flyers
  • Education materials
  • Enrollment kits

Merrill Technology

Merrill Connect

Deliver personalized, regulatory-compliant communication in healthcare that captures your members’ attention.

Merrill Connect is the health insurance communications software that brings you end-to-end solutions backed by forward-thinking technology. Extend your reach. Accelerate your time to market. Collaborate across channels. Connect the dots faster—from printing to leading-edge digital solutions.

  • Automated workflow meets HIPAA/PHI mandates and SLA timelines
  • Improved efficiencies with content reuse from multiple sources, real-time proofing and change control
  • Robust reporting to assess content effectiveness and member engagement
  • Multi-layer security architecture and disaster recovery

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