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Regulatory Compliance

Revolutionize the way you create, file and deliver against regulatory compliance requirements. Merrill can help you draft, format, perfect, file and deliver your financial documents and shareholder communications—including prospectuses and reports—with speed, ironclad security and 100% accuracy.


Capture opportunities and streamline key processes

  • Regulatory Disclosure

    Successfully navigate the complexity of ever-changing regulatory requirements with Merrill’s comprehensive suite of services—from content management and collaboration to EDGAR and XBRL filing. 

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  • Healthcare Member Communications

    With Merrill as the backbone of your marketing ecosystem, create, manage and distribute accurate and compliant healthcare communications and gain a holistic view of all of your member communications. 

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  • Contract Management

    Extract more value from your contracts and reduce compliance risk and legal exposure. With Merrill’s highly secure, flexible and powerful solution, you’ll gain fast, secure access to all relevant data. 

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  • Data Warehousing

    Organize, find and share your documents with our secure, sophisticated storage system, which transforms your paper and electronic files into a fully searchable, edit-enabled online library. 

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Achieve speed, scale and accuracy with our industry-leading secure technologies

  • Unlock productivity with our end-to-end, secure, SaaS platform, which makes regulatory filing faster, easier and more accurate, generating precise EDGAR and XBRL disclosures—automatically.

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  • Our innovative single source platform, Merrill Connect, facilitates seamless transitions from print to electronic communications, allowing you to leverage omni-channel solutions as regulations, markets and your customers evolve.

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