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Merrill Connect Control Center

Our innovative single source platform, Merrill Connect, facilitates seamless transitions from print to electronic communications, allowing you to leverage omni-channel solutions as regulations, markets and your clients evolve. The Merrill Connect Control Center enables you to create and manage your marketing and communications in a central platform providing complete transparency and operational efficiencies throughout the process.

Automated Communications

Reach the right audience with the right message at the right time with Merrill Connect as your dynamic, integrated communications solution. Merrill’s unparalleled expertise helps drive client engagement and streamline personalized, compliant communications. From printing to leading-edge digital solutions, you can ensure work is delivered on time with absolute precision and accuracy by leveraging easy access and reuse of marketing content along with enhanced targeting and segmentation capabilities. Simplify the process of managing customer communications through a single integrated solution. Experience and industry expertise provides the groundwork for a more efficient process while supporting the overarching goals of accuracy and compliance.

  • Integrated, streamlined solution
  • Provides complete transparency into your work flow
  • Simplifies data ingestion and normalization
  • Facilitates positive user experiences and increased engagement
  • Drives omni-channel delivery capabilities
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Workflow Dashboard

Our intuitive workflow dashboard provides transparency and control throughout the process of managing data, communications and overall workflows. Self-service access provides the ability to monitor and remediate as needed, creating efficiencies and increased responsiveness.

  • Ability to monitor status in real-time
  • Consistently access up-to-date reporting
  • Easily review and approve files – at individual file level or as a batch
  • Capacity to fix and resubmit only the files that fail – without having to disrupt an entire batch
  • Select notification preference options

Dynamic Publishing

Personalized, data driven communications are created with ease through our automated composition tool. Connect business rules with recipient specific data to dynamically create personalized communications that are customized with audience specific images and content.

  • Seamlessly integrate the document creation process
  • Generate communications faster
  • Ensure accuracy and mitigate the risk for errors
  • Streamline and reduce the number of proofing cycles
  • Drive operational efficiencies and cost savings

Composition Services

Streamline the process of document creation while ensuring accuracy and compliance. Our team provides specialized expertise to compose and stylize your documents to best meet your business needs in addition to satisfying any regulatory requirements.

  • Single source typesetting – one source with multiple output types
  • Full service option supported by experienced subject matter experts
  • Robust revision and integrity controls
  • Scheduling and file management tools to monitor status, volumes and activity
  • High volume capabilities

Storefront Collateral Storage & Ordering

Take control of your marketing collateral by utilizing our integrated, single source solution to store and track your materials. Create efficiencies for your internal teams while also ensuring your customers are provided the most relevant, up-to-date marketing content to best meet their needs.

  • Provide real-time and immediate access to consolidated marketing materials
  • Ensure only compliant, approved materials are utilized
  • Set suitability controls to control content access for specific users
  • Create efficiencies for internal teams as they manage inventories, revisions and version controls of marketing content
  • Gain a better understand of content ROI and effectiveness through tracking and usage reporting
  • Utilize omni-channel delivery options when sharing content

This is what sets us apart and propels you forward.

  • Transparency

    Gain complete transparency throughout the workflow of your communications. Improving insights and allowing for a more proactive approach to managing the process.

  • Real-Time Access

    Access, review and approve the status of communications in real-time. From data feeds to individual files, timely updates and approvals ensure your communications are accurate and remain compliant.

  • Maximum Efficiency

    Streamline the process of creating, managing and ordering your communications through a single solution. Integrated workflows create efficiencies, provide cost savings, and maximize results.

  • Absolute Accuracy

    Automated composition, advanced tracking, and stringent quality controls throughout the creation, production and distribution process ensure absolute accuracy for your communications.

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