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Merrill Connect Digital Engagement

Merrill Connect Digital Engagement accelerates your digital transformation with innovative solutions that engage your customers and create customers for life. Merrill Connect Digital Engagement features fully integrated capabilities that create digital experiences across channels with enhanced customer engagement. The Merrill Connect solution helps you execute customer centric omni-channel communications, that provide a timely, personalized experience.


Take customers beyond the standard ePresentment into an engaging experience with Merrill Connect Microsites. Microsites deliver focused, relevant content that is personalized and engages customers while reducing the clutter of a full website – building relationships that last.

  • Full navigation and searchability of documents provides a superior user experience over static PDF’s.
  • Responsive design via web browser with full navigation on desktops, tablets and smartphones provides 24/7 customer access.
  • Seamless omni-channel integration
  • Brand integrity ensures a seamless experience from your corporate website.
  • Accessibility for all customers, including those needing assistive technology.
  • Ironclad security with HITRUST and ISO/IEC Certified technology

Delivery Preference Center

Merrill Connect Delivery Preference Center is an integrated solution to manage your customer’s communication consent and delivery preferences. A centralized repository that eliminates data silos and provides easy access to customer preference data throughout the enterprise. Future-proof your mandated communications and ensure compliance.

  • Seamless Authentication allows you to collect preferences anywhere you interact with customers and prospects.
  • Delivery Preference Center supports multiple selection options per product allowing customers to elect multiple delivery channels.
  • Track delivery preference changes and maintain an audit history for any change whether they are made by the customer or call center.
  • Trending analytics provides insights into customer preferences and potential impacts to the budget.

Communications Archive

Raise the bar for long-term secure storage – whether it’s for internal compliance or a communication viewer for your call centers - users will experience an easy to navigate, device agnostic solution with search and retrieval capabilities. Increase productivity with enhanced search capabilities within Merrill Connect Communications Archive.

  • Our secure intuitive user experience makes it easy to navigate and access authorized communications anywhere, anytime, on any device – desktops, tablets and even smartphones.
  • Incorporates the highest level of encryption technology to handle the most demanding security requirements of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Personal Health Information (PHI).
  • Users will benefit from full text indexing and search refiners, making it easier to locate specific communications quickly, even if the search term is buried inside the document.
  • Automated disposition allows you to define retention rules that meet the needs of your business which may include automated destruction of communications after your statute of limitations are met.

Electronic Delivery

Get more from marketing’s most powerful channel. Merrill Connect Electronic Delivery provides maximum results with data-driven email marketing. Integrated solution provides seamless delivery of your mandated communications.

  • Integrity delivery technology ensures recipients receive communications even if email is undeliverable increasing customer satisfactions while reducing risk.
  • Real time insights provided into recipient and interaction statistics, link click details, bounces by type and delivery metrics.
  • Delivered communications archived in encrypted repository gives you and your service teams easy access to past communications.

Insights and Analytics

Obtain rich business intelligence and insights into digital consumption, readership and product usage for internal teams and customers with real-time dashboards and reporting. Our advanced analytics provide trends and forecasts to make critical business decisions. Our comprehensive analytics helps you understand program productivity as well as supports predictive analytics so you can make informed business decisions.

  • Increase customer satisfaction with first call resolution
  • Provides transparency and performance measurement
  • Obtain enterprise financial costs down to the recipient level
  • Compliance and audit validation

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation.

  • Powerful Engagement

    Interactive tools that enhance the customer experience creating customers for life.

  • Comprehensive Insights

    Robust analytics on consumption that support predictive modeling and enable you to view trends and forecasts to make critical business decisions.

  • Integrated, Omni-Channel Solutions

    Streamline the process of creating, managing and ordering your communications through a single solution. Integrated workflows create efficiencies, provide cost savings, and maximize results.

  • Absolute Security

    Automated composition, advanced tracking, and stringent quality controls throughout the creation, production and distribution process ensure absolute accuracy for your communications.

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