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Merrill Connect Distribution Services

Merrill Connect Distribution Services provides integrated workflows to produce and distribute your communications across different channels – using print and electronic delivery. Fully integrated digital and print distribution capabilities with tracking and reporting throughout the production process ensures 100% transparency and accuracy with audit-ready reporting.

Digital and Offset Printing

Merrill offers complete in-house digital and commercial printing capabilities, including full-color print production and pre-press. State-of-the-art digital presses with inline finishing enable us to meet the changing needs of our clients with faster turn times, shorter runs, and 1:1 personalization all produced at a high quality. Digital printing provides the ability to leverage personalization/customization of documents and JIT inventory management, reducing carrying costs and obsolescence Merrill’s best in class digital print capabilities utilize a combination of sheet fed and roll fed presses using inkjet and toner devices. Our offset print services range from short-run sheet-fed to high-volume web, packaging design and production.

Integrity Manufacturing

Integrity Manufacturing utilizes 2D barcodes and inline camera verifications, documents are scanned at each stage of the production process (print, binding and mailing) providing tracking, monitoring and reporting at a page, piece and package level. This process provides 100% transparency, accuracy and audit/compliance-ready reporting.

Static and Custom Kitting

Merrill performs a wide variety of kitting services, and through industry, product and distribution channel experience is adept at evaluating kit configurations and determining strategies that will optimize the process based on kit components, kit demands, and vulnerability to updates and obsolescence. Kits are profiled based on usage and designated as kit-on-the-fly, pre-built or pre-collated kits that are placed into inventory. With accuracy and efficiency consistently top of mind, complex and custom kit requirements are supported with specific workflows to streamline and improve the kitting process.

Electronic Delivery

Get more from marketing’s most powerful channel. Merrill Connect Electronic Delivery provides maximum results with data-driven email marketing. Integrated solution provides seamless delivery of your mandated communications with integrity delivery capabilities to ensure security and compliance.

Fulfillment and Mailing

Access Merrill’s comprehensive suite of fulfillment services including custom kitting and assembly, pick and pack, polybag and warehousing services. Our in-house experts find process improvements, cost savings and increased efficiencies throughout the fulfillment and mailing process. Ship documents worldwide with our efficient, technology-enabled distribution services including data processing, production/lettershop automation, barcoding and reporting.

508 PDF Compliance

Automate the creation of 508 compliant PDFs via a single HIPAA/PHI compliance-driven environment and reduce your costs up to 35% over legacy manual processes. In a matter of minutes, we can create thousands of 508 complaint documents. We offer both manual and automated solutions to tag and remediate your member communications. Our experts work with you one-on-one to choose the solution that best fits your needs

  • Whether it’s an 8-page or 200-page document Merrill delivers your documents on-time with high-quality reading and navigation results, accelerating your time to market.
  • Gain efficiencies by optimizing the production of Section 508 and 1557 documents through our integrated workflow.
  • Merrill’s in-house ADA and 508 compliance experts understand your documents and stay current with upcoming regulations that affect your member communications.

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Standard Reporting

Merrill Connect Standard Reporting provides easy access to business analytics in an easy-to-understand format, that can be shared across the organization and trigger decision making. View and analyze data to support continuous improvements by identifying trends and areas where productivity can be improved. Reporting provides insight into the efficiency of processes, demonstrates accountability and validates regulated activities.

Seamless Transitions Across Stakeholders and Channels

  • Integrated, Omni-Channel Solutions

    We partner with clients to provide omni-channel communication production and distribution solutions that meet their unique digital, print and distribution needs.

  • Expertise with Proven Record

    With over a decade of experience in navigating complex regulated industries, our world-class print and digital distribution systems guarantee on-time delivery with absolute accuracy.

  • Compliant, Transparent Workflow

    Our system ensures the highest level of compliance and suitability in both process and output. Our industry-leading technology creates transparency and reporting at each step throughout the process.

  • Absolute Accuracy

    Automated composition, advanced tracking, and stringent quality controls throughout the production and distribution process ensure absolute accuracy for your communications.

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