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Merrill Connect for Health Insurance

Create personalized, regulatory-compliant health insurance communications with our fully-integrated solution: Merrill Connect. With Merrill Connect, our health insurance communications software, you can create, manage and distribute accurate, ACA- and 508-compliant omni-channel healthcare communications, including ANOCs, and EOCs.

Save Time and Money with Merrill

This calculator simulates the potential savings you could realize by utilizing Merrill Connect ® Dynamic Publishing for your ANOC/EOC's.

Merrill Connect Dynamic Publishing has been optimized for plans that manage more than 4 EOCs annually.

I manage EOC versions today.

Merrill can reduce your costs by up to 33% annually with the most powerful ANOC/EOC Publishing Tool on the market. Talk to one of our experts today.

Current Process
Merrill Connect
Dynamic Publishing
Annual Savings
Cost Analysis
Manpower Analysis

Images above are for illustrative purposes only, each manpower Illustration represents 1000 hours.

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