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Focus on the Deal. Not the Data Room.

Meet DatasiteOne

Autumn 2018 Release

30+New Features and Enhancements

With 30+ New Features and Enhancements, DatasiteOne Now Gives You:

Deep and Actionable Visual Insights

The only app for due diligence with intuitive dashboards that provide visual understanding of data room activity.

  • Date range and role filters
  • Sparklines for trend insight and intelligence
  • Nine activity widgets including document events, user logins, unique visitors, top search terms, top active roles, top documents accessed, and user invitation status

Visibility and Mitigation of Risk Factors

Giving visibility to layers of risk through collaboration and productivity tools that seamlessly connect users and files across roles, industries, borders and time zones.

  • Q&A, including a five-step setup wizard
  • Optical character recognition and search in 11 languages
  • Regulatory compliance bundle
  • Information Rights Management (IRM)

Faster Data Room Setup and Management

​Introduction of efficiency tools that allow the project administrator to focus on critical deal activities, rather than administrative tasks.

  • Increased file size upload limit to 50GB​
  • Secure Excel viewer for native file viewing including tiled watermarking
  • Drag-and-drop tool upgrades for data room management
  • Faster uploader speed​
  • Intuitive user and document permission management
  • Document read/unread status at the file and folder levels
  • Bulk edit and change tools
  • Bypass file manager​
  • Password protected file manager​​

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Dashboards & Visual Analytics

Document activity management with customizable settings.

Integrated Reporting

Comprehensive user and document activity tools.

Simplified File Upload

Drag and drop document loading up to 50GB zip files, featuring publish now – publish later controls.

Permission Management

Intuitive control of folder and file access by role.

Project Index Control

View document access levels by role. Print or export to Excel.

Contextual Search

ALL content in a single query, to the page level regardless of format or file type.

Search & OCR 11 Languages

Eliminate document language barriers in M&A due diligence.


Step-by-step assistance for easy Q&A set-up.

Native Excel Viewer with Tiled Watermarking

Secure document viewer with tiled watermarking.

Read/Unread Status Indicator

Visual cues to aid comprehensive document review.

Bulk Rename Tools

Time saving renaming tool to update all documents at once.

Online Help Community

Instantaneous access to FAQs and the latest feature and function updates.

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