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Compliance documentation software to streamline creating your prospectus or report, while ensuring accuracy and consistency.

Consistently deliver your filings and shareholder communications on time and on budget with our compliance documentation software. With Merrill Connect Dynamic Publishing, you can import data and reuse content across documents in real time. Plus, audit trails enhance accountability, and XBRL and EDGAR charges are eliminated.

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Redefine productivity when it comes to producing compliance documents like your prospectus or shareholder report—and gain a competitive advantage.

Take control with workflow automation from Merrill. Our secure publishing platform, Merrill Connect Dynamic Publishing, allows you to create your compliance documents in just minutes vs. days, with no extra production time or resources needed. Enhanced accountability via audit trails, coupled with Merrill’s deep knowledge of EDGAR and XBRL submission requirements, increase efficiencies and eliminate errors.

Merrill’s compliance documentation software can help you with:

Merrill supports the regulatory disclosure process with these services:
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Reduce the time and cost involved in producing compliance documents for your investment management company.

  • Streamlined production process

    Merrill Connect Dynamic Publishing automatically creates compliance documents, expedites proofs, and eliminates wait time for edits, manual markups, paper routings and data re-keying.

  • Increased efficiency and accuracy

    Easily combine content from multiple sources. Import data and systematically reuse content from a shared library to ensure that edits and updates are made across all documents.

  • High-quality materials produced quickly

    Eliminate the need for specialized creative resources. Easily create and publish stylized documents in multiple formats—EDGAR HTML or ASCII, XBRL.

  • Enhanced accountability

    Advanced security and user permissions protect data integrity. Audit trails ensure required content gets included, and critical items aren’t changed or deleted.

  • Better user collaboration

    Multiuser authoring and editing promotes smoother collaboration, preventing documents from getting stalled in the workflow, and reducing revision and proofing time.

  • Enables collaborative proofing and editing

    Authors and editors can work online simultaneously in the same document with automated user-to-user and system notifications.

  • Automated dynamic charting

    Users can produce and embed high-quality charts—more than 100 line, bar and pie charts using your data points—and view with instant preview.

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